Lab work can be a massive pain. Make life in your lab easier with the Desktop Biofoundry.

  • Integrated liquid handling and experimental control
  • Remote access and real-time monitoring
  • Automation
  • Better research, faster.

Save your dollars for your starving PhDs.

Digital Microfluidics is a burgeoning field that offers novel avenues for the investigation of biological and biochemical reactions at the microscale. The Desktop Biofoundry is ideal for users with a range of needs:

  • Basic use: Drag-and-drop UI for the quick and easy
  • Advanced use: Open API, webhooks, and plug-and-play modules for custom modifications

Digi.Bio works in close contact with innovation centers, universities, companies and experts at the various intersections of Synthetic Biology. We offer hands-on workshops for academic partners who are interested in learning the essentials and gaining practical experience with Digital Microfluidics on the Desktop Biofoundry.

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