The Beta Program will introduce you to the Desktop Biofoundry and foster rapid development of the platform, software and applications before broad release. We want the opinion of scientists like you to figure in the Desktop Biofoundry development.

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Joining the

Beta Program


  1. Sign up using this form.
  2. Within two weeks you will receive an email which includes an invitation to join the programme, and further instructions to validate your registration.
  3. Once your registration is validated, you will receive:
  • a Desktop Biofoundry device, a supply of cartridges, an operating manual at your chosen delivery address.
  • a link and login credentials to the Digi.Bio online community portal in your email inbox.


Starter Pack

As a Beta Program Developer you will receive:

  • a Desktop Biofoundry device;
  • a supply of cartridges (min 5);
  • programmable microfluidic software platform;
  • access to the Digi.Bio online community;
  • technical support.



All you need to have ready before receiving your Beta Program package is:

  • 20µl & 200uL pipette and pipette tips
  • a PC with a USB port
  • Google Chrome
  • 12V power supply

You can also send us an email at with a short message on why you would like to be a part of the Beta Program.



Currently the Desktop Biofoundry supports automated and programmable liquid handling, including reservoir dispensing and on-chip incubation. The range of features of the device will expand during the Beta Program.

Being part of the Beta Program you will experience the fast iterative development of the platform as well as being one of the first to get early access to this technology.