a researcher’s nightmare

This is why Digi.Bio is developing a platform tailored to address the fundamental bottlenecks in the cloning workflow. Cloning on the Desktop Biofoundry enables the implementation of complex circuit designs in a one-step process. Currently, we are validating the application of Golden Gate and Isothermal Assemblies on the Desktop Biofoundry.

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Step 1

Circuit Design

Dust off that synthetic circuit design you thought was too complex to assemble.

Step 2

Input Protocol

Source a cloning protocol worthy of your design. Better yet, design your own protocols with the help of our drag-and-drop interface.

Step 3

Load Reagents

Ready to roll? Load your sample and reagents into the platform. The one and only time you’ll ever need to use a pipette in this whole process

Step 4

Wipe the tears of joy and relief from your eyes

Sit back and get your science on while the Desktop Biofoundry does everything else for you. Keep watch through any internet-connected device while out and about doing actual, impactful work.