Digi.Bio uses the magic of digital microfluidics to deliver a solution to repetitive and time-consuming lab work, bringing the power of microfluidic automation to your desk and research.

What can you

do with it?

Our platform streamlines multistep liquid handling applications to facilitate execution and optimization of protocols, bringing miniaturization and fine grained experimental control to your science. Through our Beta Program we offer early adopters the opportunity to explore our cutting edge platform.


Extract DNA, RNA, proteins or other biomolecules using off the shelf magnetic beads to integrate purification in your protocol.

Merge, Mix & Split

Droplets can be dispensed, merged, mixed and split to replicate complex research protocols reducing your time at the bench.


Built-in optical sensors allows for real-time monitoring using camera or fluorescence detection.


The user controls the platform using a cloud-based software. Data from experiments is uploaded automatically and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Review data and plan future experiments using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Easy, fuss-free research at the tip of your fingers!