A gathering of scientists, engineers, and programmers sat huddled together over a lab bench on a dark and rainy Amsterdam night, brews in hand. They each held a look in their eyes that spoke of a deep, driving hunger – and the promise of a world of digital biology.

That night, at the strike of a pipette hitting the bottom of a trash can, Digi.Bio was born.


Shenzhen Speed

In 2017, Digi.Bio pushed its idea from proof of concept to the next stage through HAX, the world’s biggest hardware accelerator, in Shenzhen, China. Throughout the program the HAX team supported DigiBio in the technical development shaping what once was a prototype into a product.

Digi.Bio to


Early 2018 saw Digi.Bio forming a partnership with Pharma giant, Merck. Through Merck, Digi.Bio will have access to a solid distribution channel that includes leaders in their fields, Sigma-Aldrich and MilliporeSigma.

Digi.Bio was also selected out of 400 startups to participate in the Merck Accelerator Program. Where better to learn how to do the scale up salsa than from one of the biggest businesses in the world?

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