Digi.Bio’s Desktop Biofoundry employs about the magic of digital microfluidics to automate manual and repetitive workflows. Dilute, heat, cool, purify, in series, in parallel: all-in-one device. No pumps, no complex chip designs.


Droplets can be dispensed, merged, mixed and split to replicate complex research protocols reducing your time at the bench.


Built-in optical sensors allows for real-time monitoring using camera or fluorescence detection.


Extract DNA, RNA, proteins or other biomolecules using off the shelf magnetic beads to integrate purification in your protocol.


The user controls the platform using a cloud-based software. Data from experiments is uploaded automatically and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Apply to our Early Access Program (EAP) and get access to a Digi.Bio Desktop Biofoundry. Digi.Bio’s EAP is a 6 month paid program which starts with an initial 1 month free trial. As a participant, you can use our device for a month and explore all the different ways it can help bring automation to your workflow. At the end of the month, you can either continue on for another 5 months by paying the Early Access Program Fee or return the device. All participants will receive a starter pack which contains :

1 Desktop Biofoundry Device

Heating Module (25° C – 80°C)

Magnetic Module for protein and nucleic acid extraction

3 Biochips

General Purpose – Reprogrammable chip design applicable for several protocols

Microscale reactions (1 uL)

Assay parallelization

Cloud Protocol Editor

Point and click user interface

Remote monitoring and protocol design

Cloud Control Hub


2 hours per week

Access to device upgrades



We are an electrowetting based digital microfluidics company building technology that allows you rapidly and precisely manipulate droplets at a microscale.

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In order to use a Digi.Bio Desktop Biofoundry, you will require:


_ 20µl & 200uL pipette and pipette tips
_ Linux/Windows 10 machine with USB port and access to internet

_ Google Chrome

_ 12V power supply

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